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Chartered High Tech

18 Mar 2020 ZSquare wins the Silver 2020 Edison Award for its revolutionary ultra-thin, flexible, high-resolution single-use endoscope
11 Feb 2020 ZSquare selected as one of the Finalists of 2020 Edison Best New Product Award in Advanced Surgical Instrument category
21 Nov 2019 InnerEye collaborates with Pasona to provide annotation services utilizing brain waves
15 Nov 2019 Israeli Startup Seeks to Cool Your Home Using Sunlight
28 Oct 2019 Forget About the Air Conditioner: Israeli Development Cools Down the House With the Help of the Sun
25 Oct 2019 Israeli at start-up AI Start-up Pepticom receives $5M. In series A funding
1 Oct 2019 ContinUse Biometrics Winner of Plug and Play Japan Summer/Fall Summit 2019 Mobility EXPO
18 Sep 2019 InnerEye: Exhibit at AUTOMOTIVE WORLD Nagoya 2019 “Brain In The Loop For AI Training & Validation  (Flyer in .PDF)
12 Sep 2019 From Drug R&D To Diagnostics: ContinUse among 90+ Artificial Intelligence Startups In Healthcare
5 Aug 2019 ArcusTeam and Xtend among companies selected to participate in THE PITCH 2019 competition finals.
15 Jul 2019 InnerEye – Technology for aviation security: innovation to improve the passenger experience
3 Jul 2019 Cyabra selected as one of 20 hottest startups in Israel
25 Jun 2019 「旅先のわくわくする体験を広げたい」イスラエル発トリップジャンクション創設者、ベック美穂
11 Jun 2019 ContinUse – 高齢ドライバーの事故防止へ 新技術のアイデア競う イスラエル
4 Jun 2019 Israeli geolocation co Hoopo raises $3.5m
11 Apr 2019 イスラエル発 脳波による画像識別システム|画像認識のための効率的AI学習
19 Mar 2019 TAU Momentum Fund with another spin off company – QArt Medical finalises round of venture investment
06 Mar 2019 Trobix Bio – A new company launched to tackle antimicrobial resistance
27 Feb 2019 Zsquare Secures $10m for Its Groundbreaking 0.45mm Fiber, High-res, Single-use Imaging Endoscope
31 Jan 2019 Most Active Funds in 2018
01 Jun 2018 シリコンバレーの源流「イスラエル」企業と日本企業の親和性
25 Apr 2018 TAU announces early-stage funding for students and graduates
08 Mar 2018 ContinUse Biometrics raises $20 million in Series B funding
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