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Chartered High Tech

Our Portfolio Framework

A World free of poverty, hunger, disease and want, where all life can thrive is part of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals as a guideline for ESG, impact and ethical investments, Chartered Group mainly focuses on Ageing & Lifestyle, Connected Customer, Automation, Clean Tech and Transitioning Societies to align our investment portfolio.

Ageing populations are one of the greatest social, economic and political transformations of our time as life expectancies continue to rise. The changing lifestyles and needs of older generations could represent a multi-decade growth opportunity for investors.

Businesses must evolve to keep pace with consumer demand, and fintech is increasingly important for companies to improve how they interact with their customers. Keeping pace with technological advancements will enable companies to engage their customers more deeply in a digital economy. We are already surrounded by AI-powered technology, with firms from automakers to tech giants to data security companies using it to boost their businesses. AI is transforming the industries around it.

Advances in technology are rapidly changing multiple aspects of how we live and work. While we are still in the early stages of this disruptive trend, its long-term potential is evident. IoT will become part of our lives, and Robotics is increasingly being recognized as a viable investment and potentially superior market growth.

Clean Tech is creating genuine solutions to help address the challenges of how far natural resources must stretch to sustain human life. As the fear of unsustainable human civilization on earth deepens, we begin to see a shift to Clean Tech investing, as more companies embrace the circular economy and respond to the need for change. Businesses that are prepared to adapt should have a sustainable, competitive advantage by reducing their input costs over the long-term, and could see significant growth potential in the decades to come.

The demographic growth of the global middle class is mirrored by opportunities for investment growth. Countries and cities which have reinvented themselves are resulting in revival and boost in populations, economic prosperity and restored civic pride. Investors can look to companies serving the changing consumption patterns of societies across frontier, emerging and developed markets – from healthcare companies providing access to medicines, to infrastructure projects connecting people and societies.

Why Chartered High Tech?

To discover the tech opportunities Israel provide, you need a trusted partner who can apply their knowledge and expertise in creating portfolios that can deliver the best of Israeli high tech startups. Our global team, in partnership with Tel Aviv University can provide you with a truly differentiated access to high tech Israeli startups and our varied solutions give you a multitude of ways to access the market.

Invest in Israel

Israel represents the greatest concentration of innovation and entrepreneurship in the world, recording the highest start-ups per capita worldwide. Israeli technology play an essential role in the modern, dynamic technology ecosystem and has redefined ways in which people interact throughout the world. Technology invented in Israel are expanding globally through acquisitions by global corporations.

TAU Ventures

Tel Aviv University (TAU) has created a new Venture Fund, ‘TAU Ventures’, focusing on early stage IP and ideas from TAU students, alumni and the wider Tel-Aviv ecosystem. The newly launched “Tel Aviv University Incubation Fund” (TAU FUND), will focus on investing in startups founded by Tel Aviv University’s students and academic staff.

We have acquired the position of anchor investor of TAU FUND. Through Chartered’s  Japan Israel High Tech Venture Fund (JIHTV1) we will provide opportunities for investors to invest in TAU FUND.

To companies that invest though this fund, Tel Aviv University provides various support necessary for the growth of start-up companies such as support for R&D in addition to financing, provision of networks with external institutions, etc. By doing so, we have set up a system to strongly back up our growth.

A Member of the Chartered Group

The Chartered Group focuses its business in Europe and Asia, with more than 350 employees in 6 locations around the globe (including Japan, Singapore, Germany, Thailand, Luxembourg and Israel). Our Family of Companies are organized into four core business segments comprised of Securities, Credit Lending and Real Estate & Hospitality and Technology.

Chartered’s diverse employees are committed to helping institutional and individual customers build their financial futures through a variety of products and services that supports their needs, including funding facilities, tailor-made Structured products & Investment portfolio management. Chartered Group serves thousands of customers globally.

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